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Dear Claus,

For me you are also an essential component of my life and particularly so for my work universe.

On the list of my works, on which my productions are all completely gathered (a proud 49 of them by now), number 33 is the production called ARTIST LEAVES IVORY TOWER. I can perfectly well recall the time: In December 1989 I directed the New Year’s Eve premiere at the LTS in Memmingen ("Pension Schöller" – German reunification had just happened and I was trying to pay heed to it somehow with my concept); at the same time I would commute between Memmingen and Augsburg on certain nights in order to recruit the staff for that event from you and then to manage the rehearsals in Augsburg.
An exciting, beautiful time. I don’t want to miss it.
You have always excelled at – pardon my using a term from the realms of theatre – spreading something like a "barn smell" [Stallgeruch] by which us theatre people mean extremely good conditions of production but not only that, also the particularly accomplished ambience, the flair surrounding a production. As we say in modern German: "taff" (smashing). That is something I have been meaning to tell you for a long time. I fondly remember this production. Not to mention a few additional good connections with the Scheele domain: the coaching with P. Matza, the iron dome, the nights spent at your place or the long extended evenings of talk where we all felt mellow on the wine…

Yours sincerely