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Dear Claus,

In our fast-moving and self-accelerating era it has literally been ages since the end of November 1978 when I was chosen to open an exhibition of your work with a eulogy in the Schaezler-Palais. The theme of this exhibition "Sculpture or Architecture" has been characterizing your artistic output to this very day with its aim certainly never being an Either-Or, rather Either in the sense of including the other option respectively. There was a catalogue to which I contributed a few thoughts in theory. There I noted the preponderance of the geometrical in your work which, as one might expect, does not feed into a strict morphology canon but finds a new diversity of forms in the juxtaposition and variation of basic elements, further enhanced by the different possibilities of perception in its observer. Imposing order onto the basic elements also means the possibility of an economic (i.e. feasible) implementation in the sense of creating our vital world which strives to be more than sheer art in construction. The geometrical objects almost naturally establish themselves within an architectural context from where they enrich the shells of the humans; at times they even want to assume their role. In the playful variations on established forms and definitions of function one thing becomes clear above all else: Mobility – a new mobility and vivid communication instead of substantial points of reference and therein lies a new comprehension of the human element which has to prove its mettle in practice and the criticism of those artistic designs will have to be one of practice’s tasks. In this sense I wrote at that time: "That Scheele decided, in this crucial, still open situation for himself to give up his neutrality and to enthusiastically contribute to pave the way for the future does by no means endow his art-architecture with the seal of timeless, classic validity but it surely gives [his art] the equally important passport of the practically-relevant, the things that both concern and touch us in our human structure of life. To concern in such a way – is that not the most beautiful proof of art and life entering mutual communication?"

Today I see with certain irritated awe that, at least in my self-quoted text I do not wish to omit or alter anything. I would, however, like to add a remark concerning your personal stature. That the text still seems to be valid is only possible since you have been pursuing in an unflustered way an idea for all your life. In a living world that is marked by flexibility and the ability to adapt – both approaching the core of individual virtues - such perseverance, such rigid pursuit of an approved idea is, to put it mildly, quite out of the ordinary. How difficult it is not to deviate from the chosen path is only partially noticed by friends, companions and observers. At least I am going to wish you all the strength and power you have shown thus far. Productively-stubborn individuals of such grandeur constitute excellent arguments not to give up hope entirely.

Best wishes Uli

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Weiß