Marcel Kalberer
Architect - Living  Architectures and Willow Buildings
Im Wald 7 - 88634 Herdwangen - Heggelbach

Dear Claus Scheele,

Your playful architecture, especially your gravity cupola, is a genuine addition to our building culture.
A revolutionary act and the side-swipe of an artist who dares penetrate the well-guarded sphere of the architects ­ like a non-medical practitioner into the physicians¹ realm ­ someone who uses alternative constructive means in order to demonstrate the existence of building possibilities that are easier, more logical and much closer to the beauty of natural laws of morphology than the mere fantasies of professionally blinded building physicians and quacks of the construction industry.
I would like to rank your cupola within the artistic framework of "architectures without architects" , and those have simply been for thousands of years much closer to nature, to the human being and also more delightful than the majority of creations by the professionally dedicated.

Carry on like that and we are all going to benefit from your endeavors.

Marcel Kalberer